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You've worked hard to record a hit record, now it's time to get a professional mix. Our professional and affordable online mixing service will have your records sounding radio-ready in no time. We have over 3 decades of mixing experience, we are reliable, and we guarantee your satisfaction! Upload your session or files directly to our site, and we will get your mix started right away. With credits that include: Tupac, Flo Rida, Mariah Carey, Jodeci, BET, MTV, Interscope, and many more you can trust that your mix is going to sound Radio-Ready.  Learn more >>
No song is complete without a master. Our mastering service brings more depth, maximizes loudness, widens the stereo image, and brings all of the parts of your song together! We pride ourselves on giving you a record that is commercial release quality; "radio ready" is the term in the business. Each song is carefully tweaked and crafted to perfection, not just run through a couple of presets. It doesn't matter whether you want to do 1 song or a full album make your songs stand out with our mastering service.  Learn more >>

Auto-tuning, sample replaying, live instrument recording, and sound replacement are just a few of the virtual studio services we offer. We are here to help you polish your song before it goes into the mixing and mastering phase. Sometimes some of these virtual studio services can make or break a song. Thats why we are here to help. 

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Mixing Rates:

Standard Mix at $149.99 per song. Learn More...

Pro Mix at S449.99 per song. Learn More...

Pro Elite Mix - $750 per song. Learn More...

Current Mastering Rates:
Hi Res Digital Mastering: $30 per song OR $275 for 10 Songs Ideal for your demo, EP, mix tape, My Space, Facebook or shopping your music.
Analog music mastering: $99.99 per song OR (ideal for a commercial release) $750.00 per album (10-14 songs)

Virtual Studio Rate:
Live Drum Recording - $225.00
Sound Replacement - $20.00 per sound
Sample Re-Played (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion) - $74.99
Sample-based horn & string arrangements - $249.99
Custom Drum Production/Programming - $199.99
Auto Tuning - $249.99

'You guys can mix your Mother F*****G A***ES off!' Devante from Jodeci

'We have recieved great feedback from our CD, we feel so Blessed' Serenity, Client. Gospel Group, NC.

'Your mixes always stand out above the rest' Dave Williams, CA. Engineer. Credits: Hart, Def Leopard, George Clinton

'Professional Mixes with a current sound' Rudaina Haddad, CA. Client. Credits: J Lo, Brandy

'My sh*t always sounds better when you guys mix it' Flo Rida, FLA. Client. Credits: Rick Ross, David Banner, The Runners

'I can hear things in the mix that I didn't even know was there!' Kaliah, CA. Client.